One of the greatest satisfactions of being an engineer is to see how you could create something from nothing, something that is only an idea and could become into something physical and functional through a huge effort and perseverant.

That was the beginning of ARUS TEAM, a draft about the dream to be the first Andalusian Team in the Formula Student. This dream was accomplished and thanks to that we are still on the road, three years later, with the same illusion. Although the team has several changes because of new team members.

Due to the process of transforming an idea into something real, we have improved as engineer. We realized that there are still a lots of things to learn and the best way to do it is get your hands dirty in a real engineer project.

Being part of this project has helped us to see how our professional future is going to be. We started to study in an Engineer School to become an engineer and acquire a theorist knowledge that help us to make the transformation of ideas into products. However, sometimes we lost the vision of how the companies work day a day. ARUS opens your eyes and gives you the experience of working in a great real project.

Calculations, mistakes, tests, assembly, production, competition, friendship are things that we have in a typical day of the team to achieve the same goal and see that the effort is rewarded with something unique and unrepeatable, thanks to that we are a little less inexperienced in the Engineer’s World.